What Happens if Ground Wire is Not Connected? Need for Electrical Grounding Inspection in Cocoa Beach, FL

One of the most devastating things a family can go through is a house fire. There are lots of things that can happen but it is very difficult to recover from a fire that destroys all your personal belongings. The reason behind many house fires happens to be from electrical wiring. The wiring that has become loose or has been damaged by the heat from the electrical current will cause a fire to occur. It is important you have your electrical system looked at and inspected. There are many things that could potentially go wrong with the electrical system and that is why it is a good idea to understand more about these problems. Southland Electric outlines what electrical grounding is and why it is a good idea to have your electrical wiring inspected.

What is Electrical Grounding

We all become used to having electricity pulsing through our homes making all the things we depend on work. You want to charge your phone, have cold or hot food and clean clothes to name a few. Of course the lights and the climate control all needs to have access to electricity and energy. The electricity that we use has become safer to use and have in our homes. One way that was done was by realizing the need for grounding. If you do not have something that is running electricity and grounded you will end up with a shock. The shock occurs when the wires that are sending the electricity run into other areas, then you touch it and a shock will ensue. The ground happens when there is an extra wire that is attached to an area that the electricity can go without charging the rest of the unit. It prevents the electricity from creating a shock that is dangerous to the person as well as ruining the item that it is attached to.

What Happens if Ground Wire is Not Connected Properly?

There are common problems with the grounding in your electrical system for a few reasons. One happens to be when wiring in your house was done incorrectly or by an amateur. They may leave a wire unattached or a wire exposed that can lead to problems. The other problem is from wear and tear and possible damage. You want to make sure that all your electrical upgrades and repairs are done by a professional. When there is a professional that does the work they have the ability to make repairs that are safe and secure.

Change 2 Prong to 3 Prong Outlets

One of the main areas that you can check for grounding is with your outlets. The outlets that have built in three prong units are set to ground individually. The third round prong is a ground for that outlet. When you use a three prong plug you can rest assured that it has been grounded and you can avoid a potential shock. If you do not have three prong outlets it might be a good idea to have them replaced.

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